Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Stocks DD Opines : A ruling in the Banana Republic creates a brouhaha and How will Ball Street Journal editorialize it ?

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Manshattan is submerged by a Flood, a huge calamity. Huge loss is anticipated and there are no private financiers. Anticipating an Armageddon, the Banana Republic Govt writes the HERO law on Manshattan and takes over to support and salvage the properties, in return for a 10% stake in all the private properties in Manshattan, including the private penthouse of a Ball Street Journal reporter. 2 months later the Floods subside and things start to look significantly better. Private financiers are available. However the Banana Republic is beset with its own deficit problems. The Banana Republic govt, in its wisdom, uses an egregiously outdated Manshattan Flood forecast and says we anticipate more money for flood support and hence we will take 100% ownership of all private properties in Manshattan (including BSJ's famous reporter) and all owners of private homes in Manshattan now immediately become renters of the same. Moreover the Govt does not talk to Private financiers who were willing to finance the flood recovery at significantly lower cost.
Manshattan ex-home owners(now renters) file a suit in the Courts of the Banana Republic alleging theft of their homes by the Banana Republic Govt. The Judge presiding over the case rules the HERO law gives Banana Republic Govt the right to 'hero'ically throw out the constitution including the private property rights and No Banana Republic court could even hear the case as guaranteed by the 5th amendment of the Banana Republic's constitution. The Ball street journal Reporter whose home has just been siezed by the Banana Republic, has been told to write a story on this  ? 
What will the Ball street Journal reporter write ? 

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