Thursday, January 9, 2014

Stocks DD Cites: Ralph Nader's Letter to Watt in Support of FNMA Private Shareholders

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  1. Keep us posted, DD. I too have a feeling that this will be resolved in 2014. What is going on has nothing to do with conservatorship anymore. It's time that heavyweights like Mr Nader chime in. Michel

  2. IN 2014 we will know at least the views of Mel Watt on the usurious Aug-2012 amendment and his views on rights of common shareholders. However, court challenge of Aug-2012 amendment is likely the final word esp if Mel Watt is on treasury side wrt to aug 2012 amendment

  3. As I have always said, investment in FNMA is a very risky one. Everything boils down to what happens to Aug-2012 agreement. If it is upheld then shareholders lose big time. If not, they stand to gain significantly