Sunday, August 4, 2013

Stocks DD Opines: Seeking Alpha Article: Bluemountain Nominates Two To Taro's Board and Why We're Bullish

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  1. Market is about to recognize deep value in Taro shares. Taro is an unique asset in the pharma market and huge upside opportunity is now being developed. it is clear that the share price is trading only at 5-6 times EBIDTA and, even more important, huge amount of cash hasnt been deployed yet for internationalisation and acquisitions- which is clearly perceived as that current Taro board is serving the interests of Sun only and neglecting the minority.
    I am confident that Taro's board will not be able to serve only the interest of Sun for long, which will be reflected in much higher market share price in the coming months. That said, I am fully supporting BlueMountain's activism and will vote for external directors nominees from BM.