Saturday, October 27, 2012

Amarin's Potential Suitors

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Amarin has been in negotiations for a potential transaction (likely an all cash-out acquisition) for a long time. I speculate below are some of the potential suitors.

Potential Suitor  Product to be replaced/protected Product sales in US
Glaxosmithkline Lovaza. Patent expires in 2013 Approx $1 billion
Abbott Fibrates Approx $1 billion
Abbott Niaspan failed to demonstrate improved CV outcomes over statin therapy Approx $1 billion
Pfizer Several generics entered Lipitor in June 2012 and eroded this franchise Approx $9b (2011)
Astrazeneca Crestor is still under Patent protection until 2016. A combination product of Vascepa and Crestor could protect this franchise before Crestor's patent expiry. Approx $5.7b (2011)

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