Saturday, September 22, 2012

Why Topotarget was overzealous in releasing preliminary top-line data from the Belief trial ?

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Here are some quotes (google translated-Not a good translation) from this article in a danish financial newspaper.


"He points out that the results means that now can really boost the company's strategic deliberations on possible divestment. Topotarget prayed for a good three weeks ago trading house ABG Sundal Collier to investigate and advise on opportunities. "

He says that Topotarget not have written off the possibility for them to raise money. 
"But we have no hurry. You might as well explore all options before making a decision. True, it is based on a presentation by ABG to the Board, which then must discuss it," says Anders Vadsholt. 


Why the Belinostat Belief trial is likely headed for success ?
Although a few of the study 129 patients still on treatment, and yet a lack of data on how the treatment has worked on them, it can be stated that the primary objective of an objective response rate of 20 per cent. is reached. 
"The fact that we see that we are already reaches 20 per cent., Makes me really, really happy," says CEO Anders Vadsholt Ritzau Finance. 

The economic penetrated biotech company said although on that occasion a partnership agreement for Belinostat outside the U.S. partner Spectrum's area, a merger with an industrial partner or an outright sale of the company. 
"What is our challenge, our capital base means we can not just kick a whole lot of new studies in progress, which you probably should do when you start to get these data, we are now," explains Anders Vadsholt. 


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