Monday, January 23, 2012

TRID - Update - 01/23

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You can see the initial monthly operating results MOR (has just the cash flow projections) here -> Link

1.20m-Shanhai sale-leaseback (appears to be not showing up because it is the non-debtor Hong Kong subsidiary?). So I think that's why the initial cash balance as of 01/16 is only at 12m.
2.The anticipated cash burn from operations is around 21m(assuming only 7.5m is received from 14m RDA deal) for the 11 week period. I maintain, if they are able to timely liquidate the 2 businesses(STB & TV) then I see value from the current price. Remember STB business has stalking horse bid(binding on Entropic unless a better bid comes). It is not clear if the entire 14m from the RDA deal is received or just 7.5m. We see a line item of 7.5m in 03/12 listed under other inflows. Maybe the 7.5m was received by non-debtor sub and it is transfered to the Far-east sub in march.
3. We still don't have Ad-hoc equity committee formed. I came across this in diligent investor blog

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