Friday, December 16, 2011

Stocks DD Cites: MNTA - Virdante acquistion

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Did some digging to understand how Virdante fits with MNTA, and more so the potential products/bio-betters that they are looking at. In terms of alignment, both companies research is based of how sugar(glycosylation) affects protein function. In pre-clinical research, Virdante found a sugar called Sialic acid, the presence of which gives anti-inflammatory effects to the anti-bodies. In the absence of sialic acid, the anti-inflammatory effects were not seen in the anti-bodies. The below article mentions that one of the areas they are looking at is the following: "Sialating" m-AB's like Humira and Enbrel could potentially be increasing it's inflammatory properties(less dosage, as much as 10 times lesser, and hence potentially higher safety). Of-course, even if these efforts are successful, we are at least 5-6 years away from a market launch of such a bio-better.

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