Friday, December 16, 2011

Stocks DD Cites MNTA - Copaxone Characterization IP; Assignee: ScinoPharm Taiwan

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The above could be Mylan/Nacto's copaxone characterization IP(guess). I see Nacto had some collaboration in the past with ScinoPharm, the assignee on this patent. Hence my guess. Of course, I could be wrong.
The difference b/w MNTA's analysis and the above, appears to be: MNTA has found a proxy signature "pyro-gluco" content and they use that for testing the sameness/equivalence. This may lend itself to testing in commercial manufacturing setting. However, the above IP indicates detailed MS analysis.

MNTA's copaxone characterization IP

Separately, a new Copaxone ANDA has been filed by Synthon.

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